does the christmas spirit signal a chemical imbalance in the brain?


You’re probably finished with your meal by now, and sitting around playing with your new things, or reading your new book or even just watching bad tv, maybe even by yourself. Hey, whatever, it’s all okay, man. Materialism is okay sometimes. It’s not about that, of course. Except sometimes it is. Unless you don’t do that, and then, whatever. Then it’s about something else. Maybe it’s about eating lots of cheese and feeling okay about it.


The season is all right. We got a little snow, just a little crust, but that’s fine. It’s enough to make it look white. Wow, look at that flame. What’s going on there?

I won’t take up too much of your time tonight, because obviously everyone has better things to do than listen to a chicken.  But I would like to share with you this article I found about generosity, and giving, and how it could be related to brain damage. Whoa. I hope everybody’s frontal lobes are in tact.

Now, I’m not suggesting that everybody sitting amidst the carnage of their holiday exchange is a bunch of psychopaths. Probably not. Giving is fine. Especially if you’re working on that whole social cohesion/kin selection thing. Are you? Because I’m not. Maybe I should.

But you could also have brain damage. You probably don’t. But you could.

Okay. Anyway.


I listened to an interview with a Sara Bareillis (a female pop singer if you don’t know) this morning, and a woman called in and said that her 4-year-old daughter loved this singer, and that it was the first non-Disney music that her daughter had really gotten into.

Is this a compliment?

Maybe that kind of generous praise is evidence of brain damage.

Maybe brain damage isn’t always that bad.

Anyway, that’s enough from me. May your generosity make you feel good this season while not destroying your credit rating and the future of your family, if you even have one. Also, Jesus and Santa and all that.

Ring a ding ding,

Yoga Chicken


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