I was thinking about breathing yesterday, as I posted that Alan Finger video on my Facebook page.  He talked about how cool it is that breathing is the only autonomic function that you can CONTROL WITH YOUR MIND!!!  And how, if you can control your breath, you can also control your mind!  Wicked! The really weird part is how he suggested that by changing your own breathing, you can also affect other people’s brains.  Whoa.  Now hold on a second.  And I guess you can even do that with a tiny little chicken brain.  Yowza!

It’s pretty cool when you think about it.  Like, can you imagine slowing down your heart or speeding it up, just by thinking about it?  Or getting your intestines to churn up a burger at warp speed because you ate it at 3 PM and you’re supposed to run five miles at 4 PM?

I’m not very good at practicing breathing, because I’m super impatient and I sort of feel like I already know how to breathe.  But there’s one place I like to go where thinking about breathing is sort of important, and so this is where my breathing college will begin.

At the pool.





The thing is, if you want to swim in a way that really counts, you’ve got to put your head underwater.

Your whole head.  Even the comb. And you’ve got to keep it underwater like, MOST OF THE TIME.



Yeah, it’s tempting just to do this.  But then you’re not really swimming, are you?  You’re just floating.  And floating is about FEAR.   And FEAR means you’re NOT BREATHING, even though technically this life jacket is supposed to make it easier for you to breathe.  See what I’m saying?

So you’ve got to commit to the idea of going underwater. Set your intention.  Like this: I am going underwater.  I am not afraid of what might be under there.  Even though the pool was closed a couple of times in January because– okay never mind.  It doesn’t matter.  That was then.  This is now.  I am going  underwater. I am ready.


Don’t spend too much time on this step.










Ooo, look at you. You’re swimming.  Your head is underwater.  Are you breathing?  Are you thinking about it?  I bet you are.  On both counts.  This is what it’s all about, people.  This is where the work is.


Okay, don’t look at that guy.  Yeah he’s really fast but he swam in high school.  AND in college. Plus he’s got webbed feet.  Just let him have his path and you stick to yours.

MAN that guy is fast.


Also, don’t look at the clock.  I mean, you can look at it SOMETIMES, but the clock is not the point.  The point is to work on breathing, and to get really smooth and stuff.  And like, go to that different place.  Wherever that is.


Well anyway, good swim, good swim. It’s not supposed to happen overnight, that fancy breathing thing, so don’t worry about it.



But don’t you feel good now?

I know I do.


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