let’s do this already

Yeah I know.  You don’t need to tell me.  I’ve been gone.  Again.  This time for a LONG time.  Believe me, I have my reasons, none of which we need to get into right now.

Okay I’ll tell you.  For other reasons I shan’t get into, I have moved.  I’m in a pretty small place now.  I was in a pretty small place before, but… well never mind.  The other thing is that I had to get a roommate.

That’s him right there.  His name is Don, and we get along pretty well, I guess.  I found him on Craigslist. I don’t know if we really have anything in common, but sometimes that’s okay for a roommate situation.  From what I’ve heard, it’s better that way.  We move around each other, but we don’t have to worry about busting up a pre-existing friendship, the way some roommate situations tend to do.

Although one of the things that Don is having to deal with is that I’m going through some changes, you know, some job things and kind of a re-education phase, which right now means that I’m enrolled in a heating-and-cooling systems extension program at the U, and I do a lot of contracting work out of my apartment.  So yeah, these are the pipes that I take to the job sites.  I try to keep them out of the way, but….

I’m also aware that it’s kind of a problem for certain people.

Patience is required.

Also a security deposit, which I have yet to receive, and so right now I don’t feel that bad about doing what I need to do in my own space.


Times are lean, man.  You gotta do what you gotta do.  That’s just how it is.

I know what you’re thinking, and you’re right.  There’s been absolutely no yoga going on.  None.


Let me say that again.  None.

Yeah there’s shame.  Yeah there’s regret.  Whatever.  But yoga?  Nope.  So let’s deal with that, shall we?

Okay, here we go.  Here’s a book by a Vietnamese monk.  Maybe if I just open this up and read a page or two, I’ll feel okay about myself and be able to justify this blog for like, even 30 seconds.  30 seconds of the past five months.  Whatever.  I’m not going to dwell.  Here we go.

Fuh fuh faaaaa, neener neener neener, lubbitylubbitylubbity…okay,  here we go.

“Buddhist practice is based on nonviolence and nondualism.  You don’t have to struggle with your body, or with your hate, or with your anger.  Treat your in-breath and out-breath tenderly, nonviolently, as you would treat a flower.  Later you will be able to do the same thing with your physical body, treating it with gentleness, respect, nonviolence, and tenderness.

When you are dealing with pain, with a moment of irritation, or with a bout of anger, you can learn to treat them in the same way.  Do not fight against pain; do not fight against irritation or jealousy. … your anger is yourself, and you should not be violent toward it.  The same goes for all your emotions.”



In breath out breath in breath out breath.

What do you think, Don?  I guess we’re supposed to just observe that process without judgment and without trying to force it or whatever.

In Out In Out In Out inoutinoutinoutinout

Whew, outbreath.

I know I’m not supposed to judge, but…

What is that?  Did you eat something wild?  Wait, don’t tell me.

I don’t want to know what goes on in here when I’m not here.  I just don’t.

Okay, see you later.  I gotta go to work.


One comment

  1. liz · October 9, 2011

    thanks for coming back yoga chicken! Laura your new family member is absolutely adorable. Congratulations.

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