rising from the ashes

Oh, god.

Well, I’ve failed.  Massive fail.  Just kill me now.  No updates for ages. Well excuse me.  I have a tiny brain and there just happens to be a lot going on, although almost none of those things is yoga.

Here comes the avalanche of excuses.  One of them is travel. Here I am, packing my bags.

I’m not very good at culling out what to bring and what not to bring on my trips. So everything goes in.

Here I thought I might be playing tennis.  I also thought I might need a beach towel.  I needed neither.

It’s fun to visit walkable cities.  Here I am wearing my fancy outfit on the streets of New York City.  Okay, Brooklyn, but still.  I like how I can wear my fanciest outfit outside in New York and nobody cares.  Nobody wears pajamas out on the street in New York.  That’s something people do when they get in and out of cars so much that the line between home and public blurs and pretty soon people are putting their bare feet up on a hotel lobby table and talking about their test results on their cell phone in a crowded elevator.  Tacky.  Raise your standards, people.  You’ve got problems if you’re getting outclassed by a chicken.

Anyway I’m totally not doing any yoga these days.  In fact, if I’m being honest I am going to have to change the name of this blog.  Yoga Chicken is just not truthful.  It may change to Mr. Chicken or ChickenWorld or something like that.  Suggestions welcome.

Another thing that happened is spring.  Holy crap, can you believe this?  Totally knocked me out. I feel like I’m on drugs. Well, I AM on drugs but that’s another story.  LOOK AT THIS FLOWER!!!  DO YOU EVEN UNDERSTAND THE KIND OF WINTER I JUST WENT THROUGH???? DO YOU!!?!?!??!?

I remember.  I almost died.  Seriously, I think I came really close to dying.  Look at this.  This is April or some shit.  I can’t even believe it.  Kill me, I’m saying to myself here, someone just kill me.

But.  I didn’t die, and nobody came over to kill me, which was disappointing for a minute, but then I got over it, mainly because the sun came out.




The sun came out, I got myself some chicken-nip (oh yeah), and the flowers exploded and now the air is thick and perfume-y and what are you supposed to do with that?

What I’d like to do is spend a pile of cabbage and get myself a sweet ride.  Aw, yeah.  Hawt.  Check me out, ladies.  Who wants a ride on the Blue Dagger?

But I can’t.  I’ve got bills.  So I guess I’ll just keep taking the bus.

It’s cool.

I’m good.

For now.


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