the gift of art

My goodness, would you look at this? A friend made this.  Now, I am not gay.  But I think this is one beautiful painting.  A confident rooster.  Yes, he’s looking over his shoulder, as if running from something, but he’s not running.  Something just made a noise behind him and he’s looking back to check it out.

It was a goat.  No big deal.  Onwards on the path.  Thank you Jenraye Adams!


  1. lifetimemovies · April 2, 2011

    wait, is yoga chicken male?

  2. acurioussort · November 16, 2011

    How did I miss this post all these months?! There is a goat back there. It was one of those fainting goats. Don’t worry, he’s okay. We should all be as confident as that rooster. He is currently writing a new age spiritual self-help book.

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