candle gazing

Sometimes you feel like a king, just being at home with your stuff.




And then other times you get up and you go online to see what’s going on and you find out that others are maybe not as well off as you. They’re not really having a good time.  Oh boy.  This doesn’t look so good.



Most of the time it’s easier to read about those who are better off than we are. Hence reality show stars.  They look nice, and they seem confident, and if you watch enough of them then you can imagine that there are only two levels of life out there that can happen:  the life that you have, and then the life of the fancies.  With this perspective there is nowhere to go but up.


We don’t want to think about these guys, because we don’t want to be one of them.  Yeah, that looks pretty bad.  But if it looks bad to us, imagine how bad it must look to one of the fancies.




Look at the fear in his eyes.  Wow.  You can see it.  This guy is afraid.  He’s got everything to lose.  Or does he? Is there something to be gained by caring?



These are the eternal questions and sometimes they can only be tackled in the bath.






Or else by a form of meditation known as candle-gazing.  Here what you do is just soften your focus at a flickering candle and your mind drifts off and eventually you are meditating without even really trying to.  That’s what they tell me.





It’s not happening.   It’s not happening.  When is it going to happen when when when when when–







When when when whenwhen–





Ow, Jesus it burns!  I burned my head!  Screw you you asshole candle!  It bit me!  Get away from me candle!  You’re dangerous! You’re mean! I hate candles!





Forget it, I’m never candle gazing again.  Never ever ever.  Never.







Or maybe if I just gaze from over here.  Way over here.





Way way way over here.  Where it can’t get–






Whoop.  Roller skate.  K I gotta go do some cleaning.

PS cleaning is also a spiritual practice, when you’re not a jerk about it.  More on that later.


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