the mat: showing up (and falling asleep)

When you go to yoga, you are going to need a mat.  Most yoga studios have their own that you can use, or you can get your own.  I have my own.  It’s nice to have your own.  Then it becomes a sort of home away from home that you can take with you anywhere.   It’s the place where you are going to do your work.  It’s like having your own desk, or going to a school that encourages independent study.  This is your mat where you will do your thing.  This is where you will show up.  Might as well have enough space and know it’s yours and only yours, and that nobody is going to grab it out of your hands or leave foot fungus on it for you.

Sometimes, however, you can get too comfortable on your own mat.   You go into what is supposed to be meditation, and you fall dead asleep.  This can happen on your own OR a borrowed mat.  Sleep is restful, and so is meditation, but meditation is not supposed to turn into sleep.  Meditation has its own purposes.   But don’t feel bad.  Lots of people fall asleep during meditation.  Usually this means that you just need to get more sleep for real. However:  If you can help it, try not to fall asleep during meditation or you’ll miss the good stuff.

For example:  She is asleep (obviously).

Pretty relaxed.

Hey wake up!!!! Wake up!!! You’re missing something!  Pssst!  Psssst!!


Well anyway I guess it’s not my job to wake other people up.  It’s hard enough to keep myself awake.  We should all stay on our own mats.

Another place we can practice showing up is by doing the things we have set out to do and reading the things that we have set out to read so that we can learn the things that we have set out to learn.  Somehow, this is easier said than done.

I tend to lose focus and get distracted by things.  Who knows why this happens?  It just does.

But the things I want to do don’t go away. They just end up piling up and piling up.   Oh man.  I’ve got all these kinds of books to read.

Also these kinds of books.






Why is this not getting done?  I am just as bad as that lady on the mat.  I am falling asleep on the job.  I am missing out.   Get up.  Wake up.  GET UP NOW.

Maybe this will help.  It is a planner.  You write things down in it and then you look at them and they make you do the work.  The things you write down will judge you if you do not finish them.  And they will bake you a pie if you do finish them.  Risk/reward. Show up.

Here we go.  Today is March 1.  That means it’s almost spring and everything else is waking up so why not you?  This can be a mat of sorts.  It’s a place to show up.  Okay cool.  Don’t fall asleep.  Don’t fall asleep.

I’m not asleep.  Don’t worry.  I’m just showing up on the mat.  I’m totally, totally awake.

I’m here.  At least I think I am.


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