snow day

So it snowed 14 inches last night and it’s still coming down, and that meant a lot of things were closed today, and it also meant no yoga for me. That’s okay.



I still got outside and took a little walk.  I’ve heard that sometimes–or, most of the time–you don’t even need to do actual “yoga” in order to do yoga.  Other things qualify, too.  Like going for a walk.  As long as the thing is meditative and it clears your head, it counts.

I’m not sure shoveling counts.  I’m guessing it doesn’t.  Then again, who am i to judge?  These guys seem pretty happy.



Oh my gosh there’s a runner out here.  Does he realize that 14 inches of snow just fell?  Does he realize that it’s painfully cold out here?  Does he realize that he weighs about 45 pounds as it is?  I’m guessing the answer is no to all three.


I wouldn’t be out here myself if I wasn’t meeting a friend.  I’m supposed to go walking with a friend.  We’re supposed to meet out here somewhere, by the tennis courts.  Hey does anybody know what a “plaisance” is?  How about a bearded one?



Oh there he is.  Hiding.  Always the joker, that one.




Aha!  Found you.  You’re lucky I didn’t give up.  It’s cold out here, I was just about to give up and go back inside.



We quickly made a decision not to walk around the lake.  Too cold.  Instead we decided to go to a coffee shop and hang out.  This was not the most difficult decision of the day.



Here’s one.





Ahhhhh.  That fire feels good.





It was a snow day AND it was President’s Day.  So we just hung out.  Not a lot of pressure on a day like that.  That’s a nice feeling.  Almost the same feeling you get when you do yoga.



  1. Steve · February 22, 2011

    Good lord, they’re multiplying!

  2. larry · February 22, 2011

    Chickens! When spring comes please quit looking up! It could be the death of you!

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