the golden egg

Ahh, feel that late winter sun.  Man that feels good.  Kinda blinding.  But it feels good.




Oops, now there’s clouds.  Of course.  Right when it’s time for yoga. Wait, is that SNOW?!?!  It’s SNOWING!!!  Shoot, I’d better put on my sweater.  I’m going to get there early today.  Just watch me.  You think I can’t, just watch.


See?  Already on my way.  You want to talk about late, check out this Christmas wreath.  Still looks good though.  I wouldn’t take that thing down, either.  Keep the party going!  Why not?


Boy.  It’s treacherous walking out here.  Inches of fluffy snow already, but what’s right below that? Sheer ice.  I almost fell twice.  I hear we’re supposed to get up to 17 to 20 inches of snow today.  Whooee!


I thought for a minute that I was going to be the only one at class.  Luckily a bunch of other people showed up, too.  It’s kind of awkward when you’re the only one in class.  It sort of feels like a date.  And that’s not really the vibe I’m after right now.


I don’t like to take pictures during class, because I think it’s disruptive.  But anyway during today’s class we did a lot of twists, which are said to be “detoxifying” .  After doing a lot of twists it’s good to take it easy, like rest on a bolster or something, which is what I’m doing here.  Bolsters are great.  I enjoy that there’s an entire prop dedicated to helping you relax.  A lot of people around here don’t know how to relax.  They think relaxing means running 10 miles around the lakes at 6:00 in the morning when it’s dark out and there’s sheer ice under the snow.  Here’s a news flash:  that’s not relaxing.  That’s stressful. Maybe it feels relaxing when you’re done though.  I can see how that would be confusing.

At the end of class we did some yoga nidra, which is like a deep guided visualization/relaxation sort of thing.  It’s a little hard to describe.  Maybe because I don’t really get it yet. But we went through all parts of our bodies, right and then left, and moved our awareness around, and then we went through all the different chakras and the seed sounds that go with each of the 7, head to toe (lam, vam, ram, ham, etc) and then I fell asleep a little bit and when I woke up the teacher was talking about a tiny little golden egg that is just in your midbrain, and represents your higher self.  A tiny little golden egg, right there in my brain.  Now that sounds curious.  Especially because my brain is already a little small.  I feel like that is something worth poking into.  Not the kind of thing that you just casually  mention and then order a slice of pizza.

Apparently all of this stuff becomes clear if you study it.  Like for example, here is a folder from a yoga manual, that probably has the secrets of the golden egg somewhere in its pages.  Here’s a little-known thing about me:  I am minimally certified in yoga. Yes, I have been trained at the 200-hour level.  I can assure you right now that it doesn’t mean that much in terms of what I know or what I remember.  This happened back in 2003.  I have not had the  money or the time since then to pursue my 500-hour certification.  I tried again this year and failed. I want to know about the golden egg though.  I will keep trying.  Maybe this year I will just do the reading.  That’s a start.  I’ve got the time to do the reading.

And then maybe someday I’ll know as much as Juliet.  That’s Juliet.  She’s the teacher.  Today she revealed a secret to our class.  She told us that even if we want to pursue all the most advanced yoga techniques, at the core it’s all just about steadiness and ease.  I shouldn’t say “just”.  Steadiness and ease are not the easiest thing to achieve.  If they were, then none of us would be here.  We’d all be gallivanting around out in the slippery snow without giving it a second thought. Maybe all those runners have steadiness and ease.  Maybe that’s why it’s relaxing for them to run outside in the winter, on ice covered in a layer of snow.

I guess it takes patience.  More than I thought.  It’s something to think about.  Although, sometimes patience is better achieved by not thinking about it too much.

So that’s what I’m gonna do.  Not think about it too much.  Namaste, people-readers.  See you soon.


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